More Chores or A Beating – AMERICAN MEAN GIRLS shoes o

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Length:7 min
As soon as Princess Skylar walks in, she discovers the most DISGUSTING sight ever!!!! ! A slave not doing her chores! Insubordinate slaves are clearly not permitted to work for the Mean Girls. Two slaves are tasked with cleaning the bathroom (its part of their duites for being live in slaves. One of the losers complains the entire time about how unfair it is that it had to watch one of the mean girls fuck her boyfriend in front of it (instead of doing its chores like its SUPPOSED to!) Its not long before Princess Skylar walks in and sees the most DISGUSTING SITE ever!!!!!   A slave not doing its chores! EWWWWWWWWW Obviously the Mean Girls cant have insubordinate slaves working for them, so of course its going to get PUNISHED! Princess Skylar uses her crop to make an example out of this pathetic piece of trash we call a slave.   Despite its sudden change of attitude, Princess Skylar makes sure to REALLY beat it into submission. Unfortunately for this...