Elina's Terrifying Headscissors: 4K HD – Reality Girls Scissors short shorts s

Elina's Terrifying Headscissors: 4K HD - Reality Girls Scissors short shorts sTo find more videos from
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Studio:Reality Girls Scissors
Length:14 min
headscissors into a signature hol Among the thousands of headscissors weve seen him scream and kick and sputter in, Hall of Fame squeeze sufferer Charles says the most vicious side headscissors hes ever experienced is Elinas, which sends him out to the world here in brutal action in which the powerhouse beauty with the porcelain skin has him screaming, kicking and finally gone in her terrifyingly strong legs. The quietly mean girl uses her legs exclusively hurting him here. Long figure four headscissors into her signature hold -- the side headscissors, as she turns on her hip, clasps her hands and suspends his head in the air as her incredible legs, which press more than 600 pounds, threaten to break his jaw. Her legs are not just strong but have stamina; holding the perfect form of her headscissors for long periods. Here up on her palms she pours the power on straight headscissors then rolls him again into the straight headscissors that has him kicking and flipping as her legs do not noticably move at all from all of it. Even thinner, Charles is big, but her strength is immovable. Figure four headscissors as the pretty girl in pigtails, her legs busting from daisy dukes hurts him for long stretches. In the end its Elina onto her hip locking out another...