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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:14 min
facing the camera. She speaks to the camera about how she’s been selected to participate in a cloning experiment and all she had to do was give some of her hair. She’s interested in the experiment because she believes that her life would be made easier by having 2 of her. Have her talk about her excitement and how her clone will be ready in a few weeks. Scene 2 Put on the screen something like “One month later”. Lydia (in professional office attire) is coming home from a long day at work and opens the door to enter her home. There she is shocked to find her clone, a “nude” giantess that is crammed inside sitting crisscross, Normal Lydia starts to freak out, asking what’s going on. Clone Lydia explains that she’s the clone from the experiment a month ago, and since she’s her clone she has all her thoughts and memories, so she knows the code to get in. Normal Lydia relaxes a bit, then realizes how big her clone is. She asks why her clone is so large. Clone Lydia responds something like “Well, clones are only able to do and perform anything their DNA host is able to do. That means that you have this ability too. When I was sitting here waiting, I just started growing and I didn’t know how to stop or shrink back down. I was going to ask you. Do you not know you can grow?” Normal Lydia pauses to digest the information she just received....