ALSU and NICOLE – Did you miss Mistress Alsu? Of course yes! – FULL (720p) – LICKING GIRLS FEET lesbian foot worship i

ALSU and NICOLE - Did you miss Mistress Alsu? Of course yes! - FULL (720p) - LICKING GIRLS FEET lesbian foot worship iTo find more videos from
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Length:86 min
luggage and saw her stepfamily. Upon arrival, Nicole invited Alsu and said that there would be a surprise in store for her. However, she didnt specify which one. As Alsu entered the room, Nicole hugged her and the miserable slave Zoe took off her shoes. Alsu was surprised to see these slaves for the first time ever. Did you miss Mistress Alsu? Of course yes. She lived in another country for over a year and recently returned home. After she put down her luggage and saw her step-relatives, she called her friend Nicole to meet and chat. Nicole invited her to visit and said that she was in for a surprise and did not specify which one. Alsu came in and she and Nicole hugged .. and the miserable slave zoe took off her shoes. When Alsu went into the room, she was a little surprised .. she saw these slaves for the first time .. For her, these are new slaves and she used to humiliate others. adele, iren, misha, olivia, zoe were on their knees before her and it was time to get acquainted with their new Mistress. Alsu does not matter who serves her .. for her, all slaves are losers and nonentities. Alsu approached each of the slaves and got acquainted by slapping them in the face and ordering them to worship her feet. The slaves realized that their new Mistress is not a gift for them and she is as strict and domineering as Nicole. The girls chatted on various topics while Alsu humiliated each of the slaves, not disregarding any of them. After that, Alsu wanted to test their strength and she and Nicole walked on the backs of the slaves and trampled them. Alsu and Nicole have something to discuss and they ordered two of the slaves to be their footrest and the rest to worship their feet. We were waiting for you Goddess Alsu! Alsu and Nicole continue to have fun with their slaves adele, iren, misha, olivia and zoe. Alsu missed the humiliation of slaves and behaves cruelly with them. The girls in turn call each of the slaves to her and order them to kiss their feet and give them slaps. Slaves perform every humiliating whim of their Mistresses .. It seems to me that we have a dirty floor! Let these whores wash it? - Nicole said and Alsu agreed with pleasure. The girls walked around, spitting on the floor and the miserable slaves crawled and licked their every spit. Each of the slaves wanted to do it faster than the other in order to curry favor with their Mistresses. When the floor became clean, the slaves had to...