Tickling trial: Patty vs Morrigan (FHD) – Bondagio g foot tickling

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Length:32 min
had heard about the legendary Tickle Trials, a tradition passed down from generation to generation. They decided to participate in this whimsical competition to test their mettle. While preparing for the trial, they laughed, each aiming to reign supreme as the tickle queen. We are open to create custom clips with your fetish. Feel free to contact us (email is above).  Once upon a time in the small town, two best friends, Patty and Morrigan, found themselves with an unusual challenge. They had heard of the legendary Tickle Trials, a tradition passed down through generations. Curiosity piqued, they decided to test their mettle in this whimsical contest.  Their laughter echoed as they prepared for the trial, each determined to be the reigning tickle champion. Morrigan, with her quick wit and nimble fingers, was confident in her abilities. Patty, on the other hand, had an uncanny knack for finding the most ticklish spots.  The challenge was simple: take turns tickling each other. They agreed that whoever could stand the trial better would be crowned the Tickling Queen.  Morrigan went first, she secures Patty on the bench in a tight hogtie. Fingers dancing lightly across Pattys feet. Morrigan tried feathers, then metal hand and rubber glove, even an electric toothbrush, but Patty remained resolute. Adding oil and a ring gag helps, turning Patty in a shaking submissive.  It was now her turn.  Patty approached Morrigan, secured on a bench as well. A twinkle in her eye, and began with gentle strokes along Morrigans feet. She licks it and tickle with long nails. Morrigans...