Teasing Hard Or Hardly Touched – Mandy Marx n cheerleader

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Studio:Mandy Marx
Length:13 min
autograph something that he wont soon forget. Spanking him in a web of restraints is my fun day. Hurt, humiliation, and shame make for a fun day for me. He admits to being fucked, but somehow finds the situation humorous. I love to torment him and talk smack to him, especially since he doesnt realize hes a prop. It makes me laugh to watch him get harder and harder, as if he doesnt understand hes a prop. Maybe I should autograph something so hell never forget me as his first Dom. In a web of restraints, I make him suffer. The humiliation and pain make it a fun day for me. Spanking him in a net of bondage makes the situation fun. Although he admits hes fucked, he still finds it funny that he gets harder and harder, while I get to torture and talk smack to him. The fact that Im his first Dom makes me want to autograph something in a place he...