Adita's and Nikki's little panty boy 6K VR360 – Winzlings Shrinking Clips n i

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Winzlings Shrinking Clips
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Studio:Winzlings Shrinking Clips
Length:11 min
woman, Adita, who is peeking inside of Nikkis panties, waving at you and teasing you about the predicament you are in. At this point you have absolutely no idea if you should be petrified or super excited about the fact that you are trapped face to face with the pussy of an extremely sexy giantess. Nikki walks around giggling with you inside of her panties, occasionally pulling down her panties to give you a fantastic view of her enormous pussy that could swallow you whole while Adita watches in amusement from the outside. Later on you see Adita stripping off her top and bottoms as you watch from your panty prison. As Adita takes off her shorts and leaves just her panties on, you wonder what else they may have in store for you. But first Nikki and Adita have an idea. Nikki sits on the couch while Adita sits on top of her, exposing you to a great view of her enormous ass and pussy while still being trapped in Nikkis panties. They of course decide to switch positions as well! Shortly after, Adita pulls down Nikkis panties and reaches her giant hand for you and pulls you out and places you on the couch. You look up in absolute pure amazement of the two beautiful and naked giantesses as they look down at your small frame. Nikki comes close to you and gives you a small kiss while Adita gives you a small lick. They decide that its time to get themselves dressed again so they...